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Karl Freidrich Gauss (1777-1855), one of the greatest mathematicians of all times, called mathematics the "Queen of Sciences". Those who agree with Gauss are invited to examine the programs of study in mathematics leading to the following degrees:

  • B.A. in Mathematics - a program in which more than three-quarters of the courses are required courses or electives in mathematics, and is almost entirely composed of courses in mathematics and computer science.
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science - a program in which slightly more than half of the courses are required courses or electives in mathematics, and the rest are required courses or electives in computer science.
  • B.A. in Sciences: Emphasis on Mathematics - a program in which slightly more than half of the courses are required courses and electives in mathematics, with flexibility in the selection of the remaining courses.
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science - a program which mainly includes courses in computer science, and about one-quarter of the programs is composed of required courses in mathematics.
  • Dual-disciplinary programs combining a Mathematics track with fields offered by other departments, such as Education (Curriculum & Instruction Studies), Economics, Chemistry, Philosophy and Cognition.
  • Studies leading towards a B.A. in Sciences; B.A. in Natural Sciences; and a B.A. in Life Sciences require that students take at least one course in mathematics. Students may take as many courses in mathematics as they wish, though the programs do not include additional required courses in mathematics.

There is no need to decide on which degree to take in advance. Students may travel quite a long distance - taking several courses in mathematics, computer science and the natural sciences - before reaching the point where they need to decide. Counseling provided by the faculty will help students consider their options and navigate wisely among the courses offered to design an individual program and determine the logical sequence of courses.

Some of the dual-discipline programs in the Social Sciences, as well as some interdisciplinary programs require courses in mathematics. Students must make sure to select the appropriate mathematics courses for each program. We recommend that students who have not yet decided which program to take, and who have the ability to do so, select the highest level mathematics courses which may be required in any one of the programs.

All courses in mathematics, except for one, assume knowledge of high school level mathematics. The exception is Introduction to Mathematics, which attempts to impart the basics of the discipline and of the thought processes it utilizes, with only minimal reliance on prior knowledge. This course is therefore suitable for students in the Humanities or the Social Sciences who wish to expand their horizons. It is recommended for students interested in concentrating in the Sciences. Depending on their interest and success in the course, students will be able to make an informed decision as to how many mathematics courses to include in their studies.

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