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Department of Literature, Language and the Arts
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Welcome to the Department of Literature, Language and the Arts.

The department encompasses a number of disciplines: Literature (Hebrew and Comparative), Language and Linguistics, Music, Art History, Film Studies and Theater.

Literature: There is a wide range of courses in Comparative and Hebrew Literature.

Language: There are courses in Hebrew language and in linguistics. Recently developed courses uncover the relationship between linguistics and the area of communication.

Music: There are several courses on offer, some of which address students well versed in music and music teachers; others are aimed at beginners. We are in the process of developing courses which will cover most of the genres and periods in the history of music. We have begun to convert some of the course materials to multimedia and in the near future will be offering a course in music and computers.

Art History: This area is currently being expanded to include multimedia materials as well.

Film Studies: A growing area in our department, in which several courses have been developed.

Theater: We offer courses in Israeli as well as world theater.

The Council for Higher Education approved an M.A. program in Cultural Studies, offered since 2009. The program includes interdisciplinary courses and gives expression to the mutual relationships among the different areas which constitute Cultural Studies.

We will be glad to hear from you and to provide assistance in all matters related to studies in our department.

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