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Department of Education and Psychology
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Welcome to the Department of Education and Psychology.

The department offers a wide range of courses in education, psychology and methodology of Social Sciences. The In-Service Teacher Training Unit,which operates within the department, offers courses and special certificate programs for teachers and others in the educational system.

The Department of Education and Psychology offers more than sixty courses on various levels. The courses were developed by the department faculty together with eminent scholars from the academic community, and are well-known and in high demand by students and faculty in universities throughout the country. The aim of the courses is to provide students with tools enabling them to apply a critical approach to written texts. This aim is achieved through assignments, exams and seminar papers.

Undergraduate courses in Education focus mainly on curriculum studies & teaching methods, and learning disabilities. Studies in Education can be combined, in the framework of dual-disciplinary degrees, with, among others, sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy, history, Middle East studies, economics and management; as part of a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities or as part of an interdisciplinary degree in education and computer science, mathematics and chemistry. There is also a B.A. in Social Sciences with an emphasis on learning disabilities.

Students who have completed the requirements leading towards a Bachelor's degree in one of these frameworks are entitled to receive a Bachelor's degree (B.A.) in Social Sciences, in Social Sciences and Humanities, or in Humanities and Social Sciences, depending on their program of study. Students who have completed their studies in a focused program receive a Bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences which is accompanied by a letter specifying the focus.

Education courses are also taught in the framework of teaching certificates in Social Sciences, Psychology, Literature, Civics, History, Judaic Studies and Computer Science.

The department also offers two Master's degree programs. One is an M.A. in Education: Technologies and Learning Systems. The program provides advanced academic knowledge, skills, professional qualifications and specialization in curriculum develpment and in informed integration of technologies into a variety of learning systems. The other is an M.A. in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership. The program imparts advanced academic knowledge and skills in educational administration, policy and leadership and prepares the graduates to fill central instructional and managerial roles in the formal and informal educational systems in Israel.

Courses in Psychology cover various areas of the field and can be studied in the framework of studies toward a B.A. in Social Sciences and Humanities or a B.A. in Social Sciences. Students who wish to concentrate on Psychology can study toward a B.A. in Psychology or toward a B.A. in Psychology with a division of studies in an additional field. The department also offers a range of dual-disciplinary programs that combine studies in psychology with, among others, economics, management, political science, sociology, education, philosophy, communication and Middle East studies. The degree awarded is a B.A. in psychology and in the second field of study. There are also interdisciplinary degrees in psychology and computer science and in psychology and life sciences, as well as a B.A. in Social Sciences with an emphasis on behavioral sciences.

We suggest you visit our News and Events site for information on:
  • Information for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in psychology
  • The need for approval by the ethics committee to conduct research on human subjects

The department participates in integrating advanced technologies into its courses. Lectures in several courses are broadcast from studios at the Open University and transmitted to classrooms throughout the country via satellite. Most courses have computer-mediated groups which maintain contact with the teaching staff and fellow students through the course websites (see psychology on-line and education on-line, in Hebrew). Students in these courses are also referred to relevant databases in their field of study. Other courses are Telecourses in which students receive a study package which includes a textbook, a study guide and a set of videocassettes. We hope that more and more courses offered by the department in the future will take advantage of the benefits of technology.

And what of the future?

In the future we plan to offer a program leading towards a Master's degree in Psychology. In the interim, graduates with suitable grades are admitted to M.A. programs in psychology at other universities in Israel and abroad. See letter to advanced students of psychology interested in applying for graduate studies in psychology.

We will be glad to be of assistance and answer any questions you may have in all matters relating to our activities. We can be contacted by mail, or through one of the communication channels specified below.

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