Studies at the Open University The Open University of Israel

Degree Entitlement

Students who have completed their studies and fulfilled all the requirements will be granted a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree by the Open University.

Students are entitled to a degree on the day on which the last required grade towards the degree appears in the University computer. The Registrar's Office deals with providing the documents which affirm this.

Before the Registrar's Office provides the documents, students will be asked whether they wish to delay the process in order to give them time to improve their grades (as described here), or to continue studying without receiving the degree whose requirements they have fulfilled, or to fulfill the requirements of a different degree.

Changes or modifications may not be made to the documents after they have been issued.

The student receives the following documents:

  1. A certificate of "degree entitlement" which notes the degree and the date of entitlement.
  2. A transcript which describes the studies completed toward the degree - all the courses and papers and their grades, as well as the final degree grade.
  3. A diploma (indicating the specific Bachelor's or Master's degree) is awarded at graduation ceremonies held twice a year.