Studies at the Open University The Open University of Israel

Courses and Semesters

The Open University offers about 600 academic courses in various fields, on different levels, and of varied scope. The courses are described in the Course Catalog.

The Open University holds two regular semesters a year, in the fall and in the spring and an intensive nine-week summer semester. The latter is recommended only for students who have studied at least one Open University course.

The courses usually span one semester. Several courses, of particularly wide scope, are studied in an annual format (twice the length of a regular course). Annual courses always begin in the fall semester, in September, and end in June at the end of the spring semester.

Some courses are offered every semester, that is, three times a year; some are offered twice a year; and others are offered only once a year. Information about courses offered in a certain semester, and in the following three semesters, appears in the Course Catalog and can be found here.

Registration for courses begins towards the beginning of the specific semester. Tuition is paid only for courses studied during that semester.

Many of the academic courses have no prerequisites, but this does not mean that students can meet the requirements of all courses at any stage of their studies. In fact, because most courses are open to all students, it is important to keep in mind that the university insists on strict academic standards at all times.

Registering logically each semester for courses that suit the students' current academic ability and the knowledge they have acquired up to that point, will increase the chances of successfully completing the courses. Long-term planning of studies (even if in general terms, and with no obligation to adhere to the plan) will help students fulfill all the requirements of the degree or certificate they seek.

Students are encouraged to seek academic counseling which can help them choose a study track and decide in which courses to enroll.