Bridges to Other Universities The Open University of Israel

Bridges to Other Universities

The Open University, together with the other Israeli universities, has reached agreements that enable students to begin their undergraduate studies within the flexible framework of the Open University and after taking a cluster of courses, decide whether they would like to complete their degree at the Open University, or transfer to another institution. The courses studied at the Open University will shorten the duration of degree studies at the other academic institution.

The Ministry of Education, the Council for Higher Education, the Planning and Budgeting Committee and the other universities welcome this endeavor as part of a comprehensive plan proposed by the Open University to expand opportunities and increase access to higher education while fostering academic excellence.

Establishing such agreements involves close inter-university cooperation because of the need to determine the clusters of OUI courses authorized by other universities for their various programs of study and the complex approval processes required.

Agreements for bridges to other universities have been reached with the universities listed below after they examined the OUI's study materials, and compared the programs of study in both institutions, and after seeing the high level of courses and the quality of assessment at the Open University.

The following transfer options are available (links are to details in Hebrew):

Tel Aviv University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Technion

The University of Haifa

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Bar-Ilan University

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

To receive a printed information booklet, contact:
University Information Center: 972-9-7782222
Interactive Voice Response: 972-9-7781111
Via e-mail: - indicate program of interest

The Open University continues its efforts to initiate and establish agreements regarding additional fields of study with other university faculties. The establishment of additional clusters of courses will be announced in the press and on the Open University website.

Students who are considering beginning their studies at the Open University and then transferring to a faculty at another university with which an agreement has not yet been established, may present the institution's requirements to the Open University advisers who will recommend which courses to select. However, the Open University cannot guarantee that such an agreement will exist, and even if one is reached, there is no guarantee that the courses selected will be part of the cluster of courses required and approved by the faculty of the other university. In any case, suitable courses completed at the Open University usually afford credit toward degrees conferred by other universities.