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Accreditation of Prior Studies

Students, who previously studied at an institution of higher education in Israel or abroad, are entitled to request accreditation of these studies at the Open University, and are encouraged to receive academic counseling before commencing their studies at the University. The Accreditation Committee will consider the request and inform the student of its decision.

Students cannot accumulate credits toward a degree in Open University courses whose content is similar to that of courses in other universities for which they received credit. The Accreditation Committee will inform the student which courses will not be recognized for credit among the courses offered by the Open University at the time the decision is made. Until a decision on accreditation of prior studies has been made, students should be cautious when enrolling in a course whose content is similar to or overlaps that of a course studied in the past. Students who enroll in such a course and are required to change or cancel enrollment after the Committee decision, will be charged handling fees and costs, as specified in the enrollment guidelines (here, in Hebrew).

With respect to courses which are not offered by the Open University at the time of the Committee decision, but are later offered, students should verify that there is no overlap with courses for which they have received credit. In case of doubt, students may contact the Committee secretariat for its recommendation within a reasonable period of time before enrollment closes.

Students will be exempt from advanced courses in special cases only.

A request for accreditation of courses that were completed many years earlier may be denied by the Committee due to the outdated nature of the studies. The Committee will consider the merits of each request.

A student may be granted up to 60 credits for courses studied at an accredited academic institution. Students who have completed a considerable number of courses should get non-binding academic counseling in advance as to the approximate accreditation of studies and plan their studies accordingly.

In calculating the total credits toward a Bachelor's degree, it is unlikely that credits for prior studies in a field different from the student's field of study at the Open University will be included.

Requests for accreditation of prior studies should be submitted to the secretariat of the Accreditation Committee. The request should be accompanied by official diplomas and records of study, or a notarized photocopy of such documents. Photocopies of documents that are not notarized may be submitted to the Committee secretariat together with the original document in order to verify the photocopy. Processing requests for accreditation of prior studies may take several months.

Courses for which credits are granted by the Accreditation Committee will not appear on the student's Open University record of studies and the grades will not be weighted into the final degree grade.

Individuals who are not yet Open University students and submit requests to the Accreditation Committee will be charged a fee for processing their requests. Students will not be reimbursed in any event after the Committee has received the request. When registering as a new student, the fee will be deducted from the registration fee, on condition that the student registers within one year of the Committee's decision.